The Unified Patient Network (UPN) is a community precision health ecosystem that facilitates clinical, research and commercial collaboration between the UPN Health System Members, their patients and biopharma research entities. A subsidiary of Seven Bridges Genomics, the UPN accelerates the scientific advancement and clinical implementation of precision medicine for health systems via genomic sequencing and genetic counseling, research data assets and tools, collaborative interoperability and a significant incremental funding stream. UPN will provide biopharma and UPN health system researchers with unprecedented access to highly harmonized genomics data linked to deidentified, longitudinal EHR content regarding highly specific cohorts drawn from millions of patients. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Read the full press release here.

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Seven Bridges enables researchers – at the world’s leading academic, biotechnology, clinical diagnostic, government, medical centers, and pharmaceutical entities – to extract meaningful insights from genomic and phenotypic data in order to advance precision medicine. The Seven Bridges Ecosystem consists of a compliant analytic platform, intelligently curated content, transformative algorithms, unprecedented access to federated data sets, and expert on-demand professional services. To learn more, follow Seven Bridges on Twitter and LinkedIn, or visit

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